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Coffee + Drinking

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Moroccan Glassware | product detail
Moroccan Glassware Sale priceFrom $ 6.00
Hasami Mug | product detail
Hasami Mug Sale priceFrom $ 28.00

3 colors available

Water Bottle | product detail
Kinto Water Bottle Sale price$ 16.00
Hasami Glass Tumbler | product detail
Hasami Glass Tumbler Sale price$ 12.50

3 colors available

Kinto Nori Tumblers (large and small) on stone surface | product detail
Kinto Nori Tumbler Sale priceFrom $ 14.00
Kinto Day Off Tumbler | product detail
Day Off Tumbler Sale price$ 38.00

2 colors available

Kinto Glass Storage Container w/ Lid | product detail
Brass Scoop close up | product detail
Brass Scoop Sale price$ 12.00
Japanese Stainless Steel Kettle | product detail
Kinto Travel Tumbler in Khaki | product detail
Kinto Travel Tumbler Sale price$ 36.00
Japanese Tea Kettle with Maple Handle | product detail
Stainless Kettle | product detail
Stainless Kettle Sale price$ 175.00