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Moroccan Glassware | product detail
Moroccan Glassware Sale priceFrom $ 6.00
Sundream Blanket
Sundream Blanket Sale price$ 62.00
Hand-forged Spreader | product detail
Hand-Forged Spreader Sale price$ 38.00
Hasami Mug | product detail
Hasami Mug Sale priceFrom $ 28.00

3 colors available

Interlocking Utensil Set | product detail
Interlocking Utensil Set Sale price$ 25.00
Watering Can & Mister | product detail
Watering Can + Mister Sale price$ 22.00

4 colors available

Wood Cutting Board | product detail
Asymmetric Cutting Board Sale priceFrom $ 42.00
Japanese Incense | product detail
Japanese Cedar Incense Sale priceFrom $ 18.00
Fog Linen Brass Plate shown in three sizes | product detail
Brass Round Plate Sale priceFrom $ 10.00
Sold outAll Purpose Field Blanket
All Purpose Field Blanket Sale price$ 165.00

9 colors available

Sanctuary Candle
Sanctuary Candle Sale price$ 44.00
Brass Wire Soap Dish | product detail
Brass Wire Soap Dish Sale price$ 22.00
Water Bottle | product detail
Kinto Water Bottle Sale price$ 16.00
Amor Mythos Candle
Amor Mythos Candle Sale price$ 44.00
Japanese Kitchen Towel | product detail
Japanese Kitchen Towel Sale price$ 18.00
Sisal and Palm Pot Scrubber | product detail
Hasami Glass Tumbler | product detail
Hasami Glass Tumbler Sale price$ 12.50

3 colors available

Oven Mitten | product detail
Oven Mitten Sale price$ 24.00
Fog Linen Kitchen Towel shown folded and in three colors | product detail
Fog Linen Kitchen Towel Sale price$ 14.00

6 colors available

Kinto Nori Tumblers (large and small) on stone surface | product detail
Kinto Nori Tumbler Sale priceFrom $ 14.00
Brass Bowl | product detail
Brass Bowl Sale priceFrom $ 15.00
Japanese Folding Knife in Brass and Black | product detail
Japanese Folding Knife Sale price$ 53.00

2 colors available

herringbone towel | product detail
Herringbone Cotton Towel Sale priceFrom $ 10.00
Simple Brass J Hook, showing both large and small sizes | product detail
Simple Brass J Hook Sale priceFrom $ 20.00
Kinto Day Off Tumbler | product detail
Day Off Tumbler Sale price$ 38.00

2 colors available

Solid Dish Soap in Porcelain Bowl | product detail
Leather Flyswatter | product detail
Leather Fly Swatter Sale price$ 32.00
Concrete Match Holder
Concrete Match Holder Sale price$ 16.00

3 colors available

Kinto Glass Storage Container w/ Lid | product detail
Serving Block w/ Hand-Forged Knife - Maple Block | product detail
Brass Scoop close up | product detail
Brass Scoop Sale price$ 12.00
Upton Amberson Toffee Canvas | product detail
Dustpan & Brush Set | product detail
Brush & Dustpan Set Sale price$ 42.00

1 color available

Brass Round Wire Rack | product detail
Brass Round Wire Rack Sale price$ 32.00
Wood Conditioner | product detail
APFR Reed Diffuser shown with packaging | product detail
APFR Reed Diffuser Sale price$ 132.00
Do Good Sponge Set | product detail
Do Good Sponge Set Sale price$ 24.00
Fog Linen Thin Brass Hook shown on wall | product detail
Fog Linen Brass Single Hook Sale priceFrom $ 8.00
Stainless Peeler | product detail
Stainless Peeler Sale price$ 60.00
Leather Chore Glove | product detail
Leather Chore Glove Sale price$ 82.00
Urban Husky Friction Folding Knife | product detail
Friction Folding Knife Sale price$ 165.00

2 colors available

Niwaki Chef's Knife set on countertop | product detail
Brass Handle Scissors | product detail
Brass Handle Scissors Sale price$ 32.00
Alpaca Knit Beanie | product detail
Alpaca Knit Beanie Sale price$ 58.00
Japanese Stainless Steel Kettle | product detail
ESCAPE Weekender
ESCAPE Weekender Sale price$ 218.00
8" Athena Brass Pepper Mill
8" Athena Brass Pepper Mill Sale price$ 110.00
Patchwork Quilt by BasShu
Patchwork Quilt by BasShu Sale price$ 324.00

2 colors available